Friday, January 27, 2006

A Dance from Alor (Photo Courtesy of De Rham, 2004)
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A Short Visit to Alor Island, Cruise WC 02 2005 (Flores-Banda-Kei)

(Photos Courtesy of Claudia Caduff, 2005)

For more information about Cruise Flores-Banda-Kei 2006,
kindly click the link: Cruise WC 1 (Flores-Banda-Kei), Oct 19/Oct 31, 2006.

Link to: The Regional Goverment of Alor (Information & Development Centre)

The Asmat Warriors

(Photos Courtesy of Claudia Caduff, 2005)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Asmat Woodcarving Art

Asmat Carving Pattern, Asmat Tribe, West Papua (Photo Courtesy of Ushuaia, 2000)

Asmat woodcarving is considered one among the world's finest. To the Asmat, woodcarving was inextricably connencted with the spirit world, and therefore, the carving can not just be principally considered aesthetic objects.

Much of the highly original art of the Asmat is symbolic of warfare, headhunting, and warrior-ancestor veneration.

For centuries, the Asmat were preoccupied with the necessity of appeasing ancestor spirits, producing a wealth of superbly designed shields, canoes, sculptured figures, and drums.
(Articles Courtesy of Footprint Adventures)

Asmat Art Museum, West Papua (Photo Courtesy of Ushuaia, 2000)